Premium Products and Documents Destruction

At JunkToClear?, we take secure destruction seriously by providing strategic solutions that are optimized, reliable, and above all, prudent. We provide paper pulping for your documentation disposal and product destruction through incineration process.

It is that time of the year again when the shelves are full with old sensitive material or products while the influx of new material is overwhelmingly huge. You then get sandwiched in the dilemma of how to dispose your old sensitive material to accommodate the current ones without compromising the company's security. Junk To Clear knows no dilemma because we handle these kinds of jobs with the flick of experienced wisdom as far as security is concerned. Allow our professionally strategic, reliable and efficient tools purge your company with guaranteed prudence because we provide bins for your daily documentation disposal for easy destruction at your premises. Quite clean and elegant as you can perceive!
  • Secure Destruction through Innovation – To ensure your destruction needs are serviced by the best the industry has to offer, our destruction procedures often exceed industry requirements. By using videos, photos and Authentic Destruction Certificate, JunkToClear? brings secured destruction to a higher level of security. 
  • Secure Destruction through Service – As a proven leader in the disposal business, we have the resources and experience to deliver consistent, dependable, quality service. With global operating procedures, a comprehensive set of document destruction offerings, and a dedicated team of qualified professionals, JunkToClear? is a trusted partner for your document destruction needs.