What we do for Business Disposal

Are you planning to overhaul your current computer systems for new ones in the market? Or are you planning to demarcate your offices to be more accommodating and comfortable to your precious staff and clients? We know you are planning how the e-waste or construction debris or damaged office furniture will be disposed off without interfering with the environment and at the same time incurring least costs. We had you in mind because we have all been there and we understand the frustration. Let Junk To Clear do the dirty work while you concentrate doing what you do best as an organization, hotel or any commercial premise. You dirty, we clear.

Examples of items we remove:

  • Old or damaged office furniture disposal 
  • Office documents destruction
  • Construction debris collection
  • Wood waste disposal
  • Events booths destruction
  • Company relocation/ foreclosure

We also provide:

Rental of recycle bins for office premises and skip tanks rental for removal of general waste and bulky waste