Because junk disposal is a dirty business, we are out to change the industry. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

About Junk ToClear

Junk to Clear is a homegrown company helping people in clearing junk. We are here to change the industry with our manifesto of REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE. People hire us when they are moving, looking for bin rentals, emptying the storage space, and disposing extra renovation material for freeing the space. Our job is to take care of the waste. We work in a different way, instead of throwing away the waste, we recycle more of it. Whether it is home junk or office junk, we take care of it all.

Our History

Junk to Clear started in 2009 as an incorporation of Skap Logistics Pte Ltd. Over the course of years, we have achieved many awards like Casetrust, ISO and Bizsafe. We are the first disposal company to implement paperless invoicing and assure secure disposal of products. We are a proud member of Waste Management & RecyclingAssociation of Singapore (WMRAS).

How is it Done?

With the help of our partners, we extract the most useful product out of the junk. The rest of the waste is delivered where it should be i.e. the biofuel plants. Materials like paper, metal, batteries, glass, etc.are recycled. The items that are in good condition such as furniture and household items are donated to the needy families. 

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