How To Clear Out Your Home And Make A Fresh Start




In today’s modern age of stuff, stuff, and more stuff, everyone tends to accumulate a few too many possessions. Papers and documents, sure, but also clothes that don’t fit, outdated gadgets, and even furniture that has become a little too worn down.


Studies have shown that the human mind is wired to love order. A messy home makes for a messy mind, and the science bears out that the mere sight of one’s home in chaos can lead to feelings that life is out of control. It’s actually harder to focus in a cluttered home, and the mess will tend to take over our thoughts.


We can all stand to clear out the junk in our homes. The resulting sense of order and cleanliness is priceless, and can quite literally lead to better health and productivity.


However, the process of clearing out that junk can be a daunting task in and of itself. How do we choose what to keep? What do we do with the things that need to go? What should be donated to a charity, and what should be taken by a junk removal service? How do we choose a junk removal service?


Fortunately, these questions all have relatively straightforward answers.

Choosing What Stays and What is Junk


The Kondo Method


Modern-day tidiness guru Marie Kondo has a great philosophy on choosing which items in your home can stay, and which need to go with the junk removal service. Essentially, it boils down to what gives you happiness.


The focus, Kondo says, should be on choosing what items in your home you truly want to keep. One by one, pick up each item in your home that you suspect might not belong. It could be an old cooking pan, a dress, an electronic gadget, a book, or anything else.


Look at the item in your hand and ask yourself, out loud if need be, “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is no, then you should get rid of it.


Don’t overthink it. Ask yourself the question, and go with your gut reaction.


The Four-Box Method


Of course, this doesn’t apply to things with an obvious practical use like work clothes or medicine. The technique shouldn’t be applied to every last item in your house. Where Kondo’s method shines is in sorting through the endless piles of books, clothes, movies, and other such items that tend to accumulate in our homes. If you don’t love one of these possessions, then put it in the pile for the junk removal service.



If this is a little too black and white, a variation is called the Four Box Method. Take three large storage containers, and label them “Keep & Use”,  “Keep & Store”, “Send As Junk”. You may also add a fourth box for “Charity”, especially if your possible junk includes a great deal of clothes. Categorize items one by one into the three or four boxes. The “Storage” box gives you an alternative option in case you feel you might toss something and later regret it.


Just be sure not to let your storage unit become as jam-packed as your home!

Choosing a Junk Removal Service

Once you have your (hopefully very large!) pile of items that you are ready to let go of, it’s time to figure out who should take it all away.


Junk removal services, or junk haulers, are invaluable in removing the truckloads of stuff that result from this type of clearing out. Although you might start out thinking you can take it all in your four-door sedan, you’ll be surprised at the sheer weight and volume of junk you end up with.


At Junk to Clear, we’re professionals at quickly taking away huge amounts of stuff. It’s well worth the relatively minor expense to save yourself hours of work and a sore back.


There are several criteria by which to select a junk removal service. There are actually some risks attached to handing over large amounts of stuff to a junk removal service, so it’s important to choose one that is safe and responsible. There have been cases of identity theft or other crimes stemming from disreputable junk haulers. Other junk removal services will toss everything in a landfill, which causes harm to the environment and is illegal in some areas.


Price – Although this shouldn’t necessarily be your top concern, it pays to look at several quotes.


Proper Licensing – Any junk removal service should carry all the licenses required to operate, and should register and insure all of their employees. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a junk hauler sales representative about this, and if they are unable to answer, it is best to select a different service.


Proper Equipment A good junk removal service should also own its own truck, obviously. They should also come equipped with tools for disassembly of furniture, handcarts for moving heavy items, and everything else needed to clear out your home.


Environmental Responsibility – More and more junk removal services these days are aware of the impact of landfills and other trash on our planet. When selecting a junk removal service, ask if they recycle or implement other green practices. The best services will take the time to sort your trash into recyclable and non-recyclable, to minimize the environmental impact.

A Fresh Start

Coming home to a clean, tidy house is one of the real joys in life. Sadly, it’s one that many people have forgotten, or perhaps never knew in the first place.

Spending a day or a weekend going through your belongings, you will certainly find that some of it just doesn’t help you anymore. Clearing out your home junk will give you a wonderful feeling of order. You’ll find yourself calmer and more relaxed, and better able to handle whatever life throws at you.