Junk To Clear - A Disposal Service With A Difference


Junk To Clear Team helps needy families renovate their homes, in hope of helping them improve their lives by repainting and removing old and unusable items out of their home.


Junk to Clear (JTC) is a junk disposal service with a difference. While many junk haulers are happy to just fill up their truck with refuse from a home or business and dump it off at the landfill, we make a real effort to dispose of trash responsibly. Our motto is REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE, and it informs every decision we make, right down to our paperless invoicing.


JTC is a proud member of the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore, and we take recycling very seriously.


We have a thorough process for recycling items we collect, and it’s something we believe every junk hauler should do.

Green Policies

Junk should be carefully sorted through to determine which items can be recycled. Trash can be made of just about anything, from wood to metal and everything in between, and a different recycling facility might be needed for each of them. Some items can go to a biofuel plant to be used in power generation, while others can be broken down into materials for new goods.

The goal of a “green” junk hauler is to send the truck to the landfill almost empty. Responsible businesses go the extra mile to recycle everything they can, because it’s important to protect the environment. As handlers of so much trash, a junk disposal service is uniquely positioned to be one the first lines of defense against landfill overuse.


Even more important is to give back to the community. For example, our workers keep an eye out for clean, usable items while they’re sorting out recyclables. Everything from clothes to furniture and even some electronics can go to charities or directly to families in need, where they can make a concrete, immediate difference.


Reusing a piece of so-called junk is even better than recycling it, and we’re proud to work with organizations like the Lions Club and the South East CDC project to distribute our finds to the people who need them most.


Thanks to our partners, clients of Junk to Clear can rest easy knowing that their unwanted possessions are going to a good home. A couch that doesn’t suit the new décor, some clothes that no longer fit, or a video game console that doesn’t play the latest hits can hugely improve the quality of life in another home.

Bringing Junk Back to Life

The point is, junk isn’t always junk. The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” really is true. By working with local charities and taking the time to really look at the items we collect from homes and businesses, Junk to Clear is able to donate 30% of them to charities and families in need. It’s a lot better than just heading straight to the landfill!


We like to call it “bringing junk back to life”. So many of the things people throw away, or hire us to haul away, are still perfectly good and usable. We’ve donated furniture, toys, books, computer equipment, electronics, and of course clothes. So many clothes! It’s all perfectly good stuff, and it’s continuing to help people as it was intended to do. All the while, it’s staying out of the landfill.

Through these practices, we estimate we’ve helped between 50-80 families. It’s a good feeling, and we love knowing that we make a difference.

Other JDC Charitable Activities


The team assisting in preparation for the lunch at Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre


There are other opportunities to help the community as well. By asking around and speaking with community leaders, we’ve identified several more areas where it’s possible for a business to give back to the people who support it.


Twice a month, we hold a donation drive to benefit Love for Lunch. This great organization provides healthy school lunches to children in need. Studies have shown that school learning is hugely impeded when kids don’t have full bellies, so the work Love for Lunch does is vitally important.


Junk to Clear is also a proud participant in a local seniors’ dinner for the Chinese New Year. It’s very rewarding work, and assisting there is a highlight of the year for the whole JTC team.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re grateful to the community and people that allow Junk to Clear to do what it does. It’s important for a business to be a good citizen and help out, and it’s well worth taking the time to learn how.


We really do run our company by the motto REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE, and giving back to the community is a part of that.


Minimizing waste and bringing junk back to life is something that everyone can and should do. Recycling is a huge part of that thinking, but reuse is even more important. Junk to Clear was founded as an environmentally and socially responsible company, and providing to the needy is a vital piece of our operations.


As we like to say, junk disposal is a dirty business, and we’re out to change it.